subdermal (subdermal) wrote,

Last pictures of Wasteland Weekend

I promise :)

This time,
So, first the trucks:

Your standard LandCruiser, nicely kitted out but not really post-apocalyptic until you fill it with haggard-looking guys with guns in the empty desert.

This was interesting... Wasteland Prerunner

The thing in the back of this one is a working flamethrower. It'll shoot gouts of fire 60 feet in any direction. The missiles and chaingun are fake. The exocage is *supposed* to look like it was welded sloppily out of fencepost, and he doesn't realy on it for anything but appearances haha. The stairtread grille and exp-mesh light covers are permanent.

Some people put in more effort than others...

This was a really nicely put together "real" rig as well.

pure awesome :D

This was the clear winner, IMO. f-150 frame on F250 axles, chev drivetrain, no body, scythes on the front, grappling hook launchers in the back, fully street legal in Texas!!!.

More misc wasteland trucks

Buggies and bikes

Baja bug painted up like a MFP Pursuit vehicle

Baja bug with a spear launcher and a suicide seat in the front...

The dirt bus... not really apocalyptic but very cool.

This is our buddy's sand rail that used to have backseats and a VW engine.

Now, instead it has a 500 cid Caddy Northstar V8. It's effing fast.

Really well done sand rail.

Nice take on a SHTF expedition bike

And on this one... I just like the paint job

Street vehicles

The last of the V8 interceptors enters the compound.

OK, the last two of the v8 interceptors (and the MFP bug). The detail on both the replicas was amazing.

Various vans

This was pretty interesting. Ford van + Dodge pickup.

Scions! Yes, Scions.

Nice bikes, love the truck.

This made me laugh, especially the plate.

And, my pick for street vehicle goes to this monstrosity. The back seat had been hollowed out and trunk lid removed to make this old car into an 'El Camino' type body, and then a battering prow, various armor, and extra fuel cans etc were added.

Overall, I was very impressed. There was a lot more effort put into vehicles this year than last, and by a lot more people. Our "big project" was humbled in comparison.

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