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Wasteland Residents

There were a few of us in attendance...

I never did get that damned mohawk to stay right, what with no blow dryer and desert winds. You'd think I'd have found a way to use the latter in lieu of the former, but no :/

Gate guardians in their towers. They were very happy that our camp included a chair in the shade and happened to be right next to the gate...

Chaos Engineers REPRESENT!

Moshpit at dusk

Thunderdome fight. All staged, but goofy fun nonetheless. I was actually hoping people would get to sign up, but it was only for their scripts and actors.

Grinder act.

Grinder act pauses for fire act.

Everything pauses for LORD HUMONGOUS

Trophy fiancée OF THE APOCALYPSE.

(An ongoing joke is that everything is thematic if you tack on "OF THE APOCALYPSE". Like, "Why is that girl wearing what looks like a white sailor suit? It must be a sailor suit OF THE APOCALYPSE" or "I'm hungry, I'm going to go get a burrito... OF THE APOCALYPSE").

This couple is kinda dressed like us. You know you've been at Wasteland a few days already when you look right past the last of the fucking V8 interceptors but notice what people are wearing.

Gate Guards. It must have been the male guards on shift at this moment.

Speaking of which, group shot of all the ladies of the apocalypse.

Closeup on Dani, since everyone's basically too small to see in the version above :/

More people. The guy to the right of Lord Humungous there is known only as "Goat" and he is a really good guy. He was there last year as well and we ended up camping next to him. He was actually one of if not the first person we met last year.

More about this truck in the next set of photos. Unbelievable. This was just too iconic of a shot to not take it. The guy dressed up as Max is one of the two main organizers of the event.

It just seemed so incongruous a setting for a romantic photo, but so perfect because, well, this is us we're talking about.

The next several photos are from the costume contest. Sadly, most of these photos did not turn out, so the ones here are but a small sampling of the costumes people put together.

This is "Big Disco" the post-apocalyptic Elvis. He ran the casino.

This is... Babycrotch Umbrellahat? I guess the radiation drives some people mad. But seriously, would you want to fuck with this guy?

For a moment there I had hammer envy :/

And Lord Humongous again, who won the "Male replica character" category. And well deserved too; never mind that the costume is perfect - he decided at Wasteland last year that he was to be that character this year, and spent a year in heavy training to get that body in time.

Matt here was another of the friends we made last year. Matt is about to take Dani out in what used to be a 4 seater VW-powered buggy, but has had the VW engine and the back seats removed to make room for a 500 cid Cadillac Northstar V8. Dani has never been in a desert buggy before.

She appears to have enjoyed it :) I went next and that is the closest I've felt to motorcycle acceleration on 4 wheels. It doesn't have nearly the suspension travel or offroad capabilities of the Baja buggies from last year, but DAMN give it a straight line and it will roll your eyes back in your head. It's basically the weight of a motorcycle powered by an 8200cc engine. Which of course can cause problems; when I went out in it with him he went into a corner a little hot and we almost hit a concrete culvert sideways :/ But we didn't and all's well that ends well!




And, helping with teardown.

More pics yet to come, of the camps and vehicles - both of which were much better this year than last.

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