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HARV in the wasteland

This is right after getting all the gear on it, with D digging trenches for the rear tires (remember lesson 1 of RVing: "sleep level"). If I'd been a little quicker on the shutter finger that pickax would have been poised in terrifying mid-air :D

Our campsite for the weekend as the right half of the main wall, as seen from the outside.

Look at that back end. Now look at the RV!

And the "home sweet home" side.

Nothing says "welcome" like armored windows and a MINES warning flag.

Some poser shots after the event with the gates out of the way.

Detail of the front end; camo net, windshield armor, ammo belts, machine guns, and grill guard. The grill guard is actually staying; it's removable for service but it is a permanent part of HARV, not part of the costume haha.

It doesn't show up in any of the photos, but that skull has "RAIDER" written on it. You know, as a warning to the others :)

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