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Still working on sorting and editing trip pics and thoughts. Have most of the way down journalled properly; should have probably taken notes of some kind haha.

Took a break from it last night to watch 'Alone in the Wilderness'. It was very impressive and inspiring. Synopsis: guy says 'Screw you guys' to the world, and goes to live in the bush in Alaska for a year;he builds a log cabin over the summer with hand tools and then decides to stay there for the next 35 years living off the land. He brought a video camera and kept journals; the movie is made of clips from the film reels he took and a few re-created scenes; the narration is an actor reading his journals.

I haven't seen such self-sufficiency and determination ever chronicled on video, I don't think. He literally makes a cabin out of trees and rock; the only thing he ordered in was a poly liner for the roof and some cement to affix the fireplace and chimney stones. He grows and hunts his own food. He makes all his own furniture, dishes, even the hinges for his cabin door are hewn from wood. The skill, determination, and attention to detail is amazing, and he put himself in a situation where that was really the only thing he could rely on.

It sounds like a great vacation, but not such a great way to live 35 years, to be honest. Before I went to watch it I was gently reminded by nimonic not to "get any ideas" haha. Well, I got some good ideas for shelter-building, but no, if I'm ever building a cabin in Alaska to live in, many many parts of the plan have gone seriously sideways :P

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