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LJ has been down for me for a couple weeks now... on 4 different networks, 3 different ISPs. Strange, as it seems to have been working (albeit intermittently) for everyone else in the world. Maybe I just wasn't checking often enough.

So it's been a month since my last post-with-actual-content. It's been a busy one.

Went with nimonic, sagaciouslu, catalytic, c_cookie and her boyfriend on a motorcycle ride that sounded like a comedian's routine... "So a ratbike, a cruiser, a dual-sport and 3 sportbikes go to a small town hardware store to look for springs...". It was fun, nice to stretch the bike out a little bit. Haven't gotten much riding in this year, sadly. I was surprisingly well behaved the whole time if I do say so myself, I didn't break 200 at all and only hit 150 even for a few minutes.

Also went to the often-heard-of-but-hadn't-yet-attended annual bash of catalytic and friends, where some horrible beer was ritually murdered and a good time was had by all.

The following weekend I took a 4x4 "skills clinic" to practice up on some slower more technical stuff that I haven't been doing as much of since all my 4x4 buddies traded their trucks in for quads and/or kids. Hopefully running over larger things more slowly will help me not break expensive parts haha.

I don't usually get good pics of me 4x4ing because well, I'm in the truck driving. so it's nice to see the suspension flexing out properly.

And then there were various parties and movies (If you haven't seen some of the Harry Potter movies, it's ok to skip right to the end, btw).

The weeks in between all those weekends have been busy too; work is kicking my ass but in a good way; things are developing according to plan (no pun intended) and I'm hearing good things all around from our beta testers. Forecast: VICTORY!

The weight management thing is going relatively well too. I'm down 18 lbs as of this morning, near the end of week 10 - just about right on schedule for 2lbs/week at 9.5 weeks. I'm still one pound more than I should weigh technically, but this is not an exact science (to my regret). On the other hand, the 34" pants that I wanted to fit into by mid August are mostly too big for me already, so perhaps I'm losing more fat than predicted but also gaining more muscle than predicted. I'm not going to complain about that.

Also, nimonic and I have planned another project. On the scale of awesome/obnoxious I would call this one "patently retarded" so I'm looking forward to it of course ;) Pics to follow.

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